Dating Goals of 2018


At the start of each new year, following the party dust has settled, we’ve got a propensity to set new goals to reach or settlements to abide by. The top 3 goals for every new year seem to be either to progress in career or change careers, to get healthy and/or have better connections, whether it’s finding love or improving the relationship you are already in.

There can be a number of reasons; some are quite easy to work out and others may be based on our own senses. There’s also an aspect which we’ve been guilty of at some point in our past — stereotyping. When we do so, we aren’t considering this individual as relationship material due to the certain stereotype you align with the person, therefore ruling out another chance.

To ease your mind and make certain you date better in 2018.

We have all seen the Crazy/Hot Matrix right? For those who don’t have any clue what I am talking about, it is actually quite self explanatory; the hotter you are, the crazier you are (apparently).

There’s zero correlation to the degree of craziness and beauty. The latter only applies to the eye of the beholder. If you discover someone really sexy, but your friend does not find them sexy, how would this so-called Matrix work? Exactly, it does not. The frequent trait we refer to as ‘mad’ in the dating world is more correlated with having unrealistic expectations and a lack of control over your emotions — that I can assure you, isn’t confined to merely ‘hot girls’. Emotional care seekers come in all sizes and shapes, both female and male! Do you agree?

Limo hire or Wedding cars available at your disposal


I always wished to go to my wedding in a Chrysler limo or a pink Hummer limo – I was stuck between the two as one is more of a classy ride while the other is more fun and out there.

My wish was actually granted as I was able to ride in both for my special day. Not only were they so kind to let us have both cars but the service and the quality of their vehicles made my wedding day so much better.

It is often a nervous wait to see if the company you’re dealing with will pull through for you but from the moment I struck a deal with Dreamride Limos, I never had any doubts.

If you’re very serious about hiring the best wedding cars Melbourne has to offer then do not waste your time and contact Dreamride. From start to finish, they ensure that your special occasion is met with the highest quality in all areas. I am forever grateful to them and will be strongly recommending their business to any of my family and friends.

Fabulous is their name and fabulous is their game


Being a bride is very stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is all the external companies failing to deliver their promise on the day. During my wedding day I had the worst morning simply worrying that everything wouldn’t go according to plan and had this sensation that something was about to go wrong. My biggest concern was the catering company I had chosen because of all my past experiences with catering services and how they are usually late and don’t provide the freshest of foods.

Today was the day where I was proven wrong. Step in Catering Carlton! The team from Catering Carlton put on an absolutely outstanding service for all the guests and the food was of the highest quality. Every dish we selected came out of the kitchen as fresh as we could have hoped. Whether it was duck, spring rolls or mini pizzas – all the party finger food was at the standard that was promised.

You cannot begin to understand how happy this made me as a bride. The one thing you want at your own wedding (apart from marrying the man of your dreams) is for everyone else to provide positive reviews about everything that’s going on whether it be speeches, dancing or the food provided.

We received only positive reviews about the party catering service provided to us by Catering Carlton. In addition to the lovely food (Peking duck was my absolute favourite!) the waiters and waitresses were young, enthusiastic and flamboyant and enhanced the whole experience for everyone.

When we met with Catering Carlton a month before the wedding we thoroughly investigated their menu and picked exactly what food we wanted. My mother had a running sheet handy from them on the day to ensure the appropriate foods were served at the appropriate times and they did not disappoint.

The best reviews about the food came from the guests enjoying beef curry puffs, baby lamb and meat pies and the bruschetta. We had a good idea of what the majority of guests would enjoy and we weren’t wrong.

It’s natural for a bride to be nervous about the running of the wedding on the day but thanks to Catering Carlton all stress and concerns were thrown out the window very early! I am now a happily married wife who enjoyed her wedding day so much partly thanks to the FABULOUS people from Catering Carlton.

Make Your Smile Sparkle For Your Big Day


I wanted to feel comfortable smiling on my wedding day- who wouldn’t?  And I really needed to get my teeth fixed for this to happen. I have always had shocking teeth and because of that, I’ve always felt uncomfortable smiling, and I just couldn’t bear to think that in all  my wedding photos, I’d either not be smiling or I’d have my yucky teeth showing.

My partner suggested I go and see a dentist and see what cosmetic dentistry work they could suggest to fix my worries.  I visited Richmond Fine Dentistry and really felt comfortable speaking with the all the staff there. They are professional, efficient and very helpful in the whole process.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a new thing, but for me it was all brand new. This Melbourne dentist surgery told me all about the process he would take to fix the different things I wasn’t happy with, he discussed the price, healing time and showed me some ‘after photos’. I was so happy with my ‘after photos’ from my wedding, and I really couldn’t have made a better investment, than my smile!

Here are 10 DIY home remedies to whiten teeth if you have more time.