Make Your Smile Sparkle For Your Big Day


I wanted to feel comfortable smiling on my wedding day- who wouldn’t?  And I really needed to get my teeth fixed for this to happen. I have always had shocking teeth and because of that, I’ve always felt uncomfortable smiling, and I just couldn’t bear to think that in all  my wedding photos, I’d either not be smiling or I’d have my yucky teeth showing.

My partner suggested I go and see a dentist and see what cosmetic dentistry work they could suggest to fix my worries.  I visited Richmond Fine Dentistry and really felt comfortable speaking with the all the staff there. They are professional, efficient and very helpful in the whole process.

Cosmetic dentistry is not a new thing, but for me it was all brand new. This Melbourne dentist surgery told me all about the process he would take to fix the different things I wasn’t happy with, he discussed the price, healing time and showed me some ‘after photos’. I was so happy with my ‘after photos’ from my wedding, and I really couldn’t have made a better investment, than my smile!

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